Local Gastronomy

Some of the following local treats are vanishing from the everyday domestic table.  At festivals and at weddings you will certainly be treated to “patatato,” “kserotigana” and spiced raki poured in abundance!  Don’t leave the island unless you try them.  Food tastes best when eaten where it was created!

A kind of cracked wheat cultivated and prepared on our island.

It’s unnecessary to travel to Italy to eat homemade pasta.

The assortment of homemade pasta ends here with long stranded hilopites (egg noodles) cooked in milk.

Stuffed goat with rice
The excellent flavor of the meat is attributed to the fact that goats on Donousa are bred and raised in the island’s mountains.

The infamous stuffed cabbage rolls.

Morsels of boiled pork cooked in a traditional way.

Meat in a red sauce with potatoes.  This dish is served at the islands’ festivals and celebrations.

A porridge made from whole wheat flour, oil, water, salt and sugar.  If you’re wondering how many calories are packed in this food, just know that babies have been nurtured for generations on this dish because of its tremendous nutritional value.

Hortopites (Wild greens pie)
Try different kinds of fried pies made from a variety of seasonal wild greens, with dill, fennel and onion.

This is the tastiest dessert, like a fritter, and it can be eaten together with many different accompaniments.

Psimeni Raki (Spiced Raki)
We make it on the island.  Raki is a local spirit distilled-twice from grape skins.   Spiced raki mixes the spirit with spices and sweeteners and it is available everywhere.

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